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Jake Schepps

Banjo renaissance man Jake Schepps is an artist with not only an adroit touch on his instrument but an intrepid, imaginative vision for contemporary string band music.

Round Window Radio

Round Window Radio is an innovative music subscription series seen through the prism of the 5-string banjo, with new monthly downloads (or streams) of adventurous string band music.


A new monthly adventruous track lots of musical territory (think bluegrass, newgrass, Brazilian choro, jazz, or classical) with the sheet music, banjo tablature, and detailed liner notes

Who's involved

Matt Flinner, Grant Gordy, Eric Thorin, Enion Pelta-Tiller, Andy Hall, Scott Nygaard, Noam Pikelny, Bill Kopper, Ross Martin, Tony Trischka, Darol Anger, and many, many more. 

Is it worth it?

Give up $4 (just one latte or one half of a craft beer) and find out. 


It is art that makes life, makes interest, makes importance, and I know of no substitute for the force and beauty of its process.

– Henry James




The music on Entwined represents some of the first ever long-form works written by classical composers for the traditional 5-piece bluegrass string band.  These pieces offer a fresh perspective on this iconic instrumental combination, and a prismatic view into four fascinating compositional worlds.  

an evening in the village

An Evening in the Village: The Music of Béla Bartók finds common ground between the piquant beauty of Bartók's take on Eastern European folk melodies and the big-sky vibrancy of new American acoustic music.  Watch our NPR Tiny Desk Concert playing this music. 

ten thousand leaves

This 2007 release (produced by Matt Flinner), features a series of jazz-inflected originals, an Astor Piazzolla tango, and a 3-movement through-composed suite entitled “In the American West,” inspired by Richard Avedon's photos.


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