New Posts at Round Window Radio

Lots of happenings at Round Window Radio:

Podcast #1 is live today, and is an interview with mandolinist, composer and frequent collaborator Matt Flinner. We talk about his new album"Traveling Roots" and the Music du Jour project, writing "Migrations" for the "Entwined" album, composing, and much more.

February's track is a piece by Matt Flinner called "The Oquirrh Ridge Drifter" (here we are playing it live on YouTube) from the Matt Flinner Trio's “Music du Jour” book. At Jake Schepps Quintet shows I like to feature everyone’s compositional skills alongside the classical composers. I asked Matt for a tune to fill out our set to which he pulled out “The Oquirrh Ridge Drifter.” This tune is beautiful on so many levels: it has a compelling and sparse melody, a curiously offset bass line, a very different form than most bluegrass tunes (albeit not terribly difficult to grasp), and an incredibly fun chord progression for soloing. All that and more from one of the many tunes Matt has churned out the day of a show. 

January's post a classic Brazilian choro "Diabinho Maluco" recorded with Enion Pelta Tiller (violin), Bill Kopper (7-string guitar), and Carl Dixon (pandeiro).  We recorded more tunes on that session, including a Tchaikovsky piano work and a baiao by Mr. Kopper (here is a version played by the indomitable Dudu Maia and Douglas Lora).  

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