Round Window Sampler

Head on over to Bandcamp to get a preview of all the music that has been featured on Round Window Radio thus far, and some previews of tracks to come.  



Tracks sampled include: 
"Shitkicker Baiao" by Bill Kopper
"The Oquirrh Ridge Drifter" by Matt Flinner
"Banjerous Liaisons" by Eric Thorin
"Fantasia No. 1" by Henry Purcell
"Diabinho Maluco" bu Jacob do Bandolim
"Flower Myth" by Jake Schepps
"Farewell Blues" by Mares, Roppolo & Schoebel (but like the Scruggs version)
"October" by Pyotr Tchaikovsky

Artistis include Matt Flinner, Scott Nygaard, Grant Gordy, Ross Martin, Bill Kopper, Eric Thorin, Sam Bevan, Carl Dixon, Enion Pelta-Tiller, Alisa Rose, and Jake Schepps.