Next premiere in March, 2014

Grab your tickets now for the next world premiere of a new long-form work by Grammy-nominated mandolinist and composer Matt Flinner. As is well known, Matt writes amazing works the day of the show, as displayed on his Music du Jour shows. This is a unique opportunity to hear him stretch out compositionally. More to follow soon, but check out the show poster below:

World Premiere on December 6 in Boulder

Get your tickets now for the world premiere of a new work for stringband by Matt McBane on December 6, 2014. The band includes Matt Flinner, Ross Martin, Ryan Drickey, Eric Thorin, and myself on the 5-string twang machine.

July News: workshops, bike rides, and commissions

I am proud to announce that I will be teaching Intermediate/Advanced Banjo at the Nimble Fingers Bluegrass and Old-Time Workshop in Sorrento, British Columbia in August this year. Come on up, or let your friends in the Great White North know that we will be covering bluegrass banjo technique and musicianship (and maybe a bit of choro) for a week in the Northern Rockies.

Late Spring News

Next month Corn Yeti has a triumphant return, playing a series of shows, culminating at the Pagosa Folk 'n Bluegrass Festival. And while there, the Expedition Quintet (Flinner, Gordy, Pelta-Tiller, Thorin, and me) is coming out of hibernation to play Marc Mellits's new work "Flatiron," a piece we commissioned him to write for 5-piece stringband. If you have not heard it, after the jump is the live recording of the world premiere last winter.

"Flatiron" Premiere at eTown Hall

This Saturday (12/1) is the long awaited premiere of "Flatiron," a 25-minute work for 5-piece stringband. It is composer Marc Mellits’s view of the string band, recontextualized and reimagined as a rhythmically interlocking machine, where contemporary classical post-minimalism meets skillful technique and bluegrass drive. The concert is in the gorgeous new venue eTown Hallin downtown Boulder. The sound is amazing, the power comes from the sun, and seats are new and comfy.

September Newsletter

As the first day of fall passes, stories of Corn Yeti sightings abound. For those that missed our first (and only) show, the band features Jordan Ramsey on mandolin, Grant Gordy on guitar, Eric Thorin on bass, and myself on banjo. It is bluegrass, so we all sing high and we all play lonesome. This weekend we are playing Fort Collins and Boulder, then in a couple weeks Gold Hill and Lyons.

Brazilian Choro Tablatures for 5-string Banjo

The Brazilian choro book is out! Soon there will be a more dedicated section on the website, but for now here is a bit of information.

Brazilain Choro Tablatures for 5-String Banjo

There are 21 tunes in tablature including such standards as Assanhado, Brejeiro, Cochichando, Doce de Coco, Não Me Toques, Receita de Samba. Also included is all the pieces in standard notation to play with other musicians if the need arises.

Here is a YouTube playlist of all the pieces in the book:


I love this app, and try to capture various travels, foods, cocktails, music, and more here.

Happy Birthday Béla Bartók!

In celebration of Bela Bartok's 131st birthday, An Evening in the Village: the Music of Bela Bartok will be available for free download all weekend (facebook link). Please spread the word and let any and all know that for 3 days only (March 23, 24, & 25) you can download the entire album with bonus tracks for the big fat price of $0.00. Bandcamp does offer the option to pay something if you are so inclined, and you can buy a physical copy for only $10. If you buy two Bartok CD's you get a free Ten Thousand Leaves.